Why Ninjas?

Because ninjas are awesome!!!

The Ninja Standing Desk Story

Dan McDonley was experiencing debilitating sciatica pain and numbness in his elbow from sitting at a computer all day, so he created his own standing desk to see if it would help. After a week, his pain was completely gone! He was more focused and productive and even lost weight from burning extra calories by standing up. Dan was assassinating his deadlines, slicing through his work day, while feeling healthier and nimble as a ninja.

He dreaded the times he had to work sitting down, like when he traveled. Then the solution hit him like a throwing star: the Ninja Standing Desk!

Dan joined the TechShop in San Francisco to design and prototype the Ninja Standing Desk over the last 10 months. The design worked so well he was encouraged to share it with world. We’re raising money on Kickstarter.com to fund the first large production run. The Ninja Standing Desk is currently manufactured entirely in the USA - mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dan “Ninja” McDonley

Ninja Standing Desk Inventor

Dan is the inventor of the Ninja Standing Desk. A serial entrepreneur who started his first online business in college, Dan has gone on to create several successful businesses, both on and off the internet.

Dan learned woodworking and sewing (both from his Mom) when he was little and has been building things ever since. His degree in Ethnobotany hasn’t been very helpful in creating the Ninja Standing Desk. But Dan’s drive to solve problems and desire to help others has been.

He currently is a communication and internet marketing consultant living in San Francisco and loves traveling, kiteboarding, making sushi, and inventing things at the TechShop.ws

As a big supporter of entrepreneurs and the Maker movement, Dan is an instructor at the San Francisco TechShop, as well as an active member. He recently won the Startup Weekend/ Google Pitch Night with judges Kevin Rose and Don Dodge. He created and leads two mastermind entrepreneur groups, participated in the Maker Startup Weekend sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and is a member of Hardware meetup groups. In addition, Dan is dedicated to giving back to the community and currently volunteers to inspire middle-school students through SPARK.

Special Thanks To:

Amanda Platsis, the wonderful artist behind the Office Ninjas!