Ninja Standing Desk FAQ

Standing Desk Ergonomics

    How Does it hang on a wall?

  • We provide special mounting hardware that install in seconds with no tools into drywall and only leaves a small pinhole.

  • Can I use a monitor instead of a laptop?

  • Yes, each shelf is rated for 30 lbs. (Although we have tested it to hold over 100lbs without breaking).

  • How do I use a dual monitor setup?

  • You can use a second Ninja Standing Desk and set them up side by side to hold a second monitor, printer, or other computer peripherals.

  • How does it set up on a cubicle?

  • For cubicles we recommend mounting on the taller walls, as it is hard to get the top shelf high enough on the 3/4 walls unless you are pretty short or use a riser.To mount the desk, use the included D-ring to hang it off of traditional cubicle hooks supplied by your office or readily available at any office supply store.

  • Can multiple people of different heights use the same desk?

  • Yes, to adjust for a shorter or taller person you can either set up another set of mounts and lift the whole desk setup up or down (preferably removing the computer first) or they can re-set up the desk shelves to their preference.

  • Can I read the instructions online?

  • Yes, watch our setup video and view our instructions as a PDF on our setup page HERE