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"Ninjas are many things. They are cunning, silent, and sneaky. They fit into surprisingly small places. And they’re often stronger than you think."

These words, which I have written while using the Ninja Standing Desk, also describe the desk itself surprisingly well. It takes after its ninja namesake, not only being one of the smallest and lightest standing desks I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting together, but surprisingly sturdy to boot.

For my needs, the Ninja Standing Desk is a darn near perfect solution. It’s small, compact, and doesn’t interfere with the treadmill. It holds my essential desk equipment (the rest is positioned on a shelf parallel to the treadmill). It’s adjustable. And it attaches to walls in a way my rental agent won’t hate me for.

Despite all my early freakouts about its stability, you’ll get very little shaking or unsteadiness with the desk. Even with an iMac on its top shelf, the Ninja desk stayed well-balanced and the computer never see-sawed or looked otherwise unbalanced. After a while, you stop noticing that your desk shelves are made up of cloth and boards and work on them just as you might any other standing desk.

"It’s the cheapest adjustable desk I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t compromise on quality for it, either."

REVIEW: The Portable Ninja Standing Desk - The Chronicle of Higher Education

The stability of the standing desk as a whole has pleasantly surprised me. I have used it on a variety of doors and was surprised that, unless you like to swing the door open wildly, it can even use it on a door that is in fairly regular use without things tumbling off the desk. Overall, it is great for what it promises: a very light and portable (comes with a simple traveler bag) standing desk with two shelves that can be customized to the height that works for the user and for a variety of places it is attached.

Sick of sitting, tech entrepreneurs hack and sell standing desks -

Serial entrepreneur, Dan McDonley, was able to exceed his funding goal on Kickstarter in just 24 hours to bring to market one of the world’s first portable standing desks.

McDonley’s “The Ninja Standing Desk,” is designed for mobile, young professionals. It hangs from any door, wall, or cubicle, and folds up so you can carry it with you.

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Interview at TechCrunch DisruptSF:

Why It's Good to be Proven Wrong With Product Design Predictions: Dan McDonley's Inexpensive, Portable Ninja Standing Desk -

Designer Dan McDonley's Ninja Standing Desk [as a..] product I never guessed would so handily smash its $10,000 funding target. But it's nearly doubled it with over three weeks left to go.

McDonley's invention would have been pricelessly useful for [my] two-day project. And the nearly 200 backers of McDonley's project attest to its desirability in other situations too.

Best of all it's pretty inexpensive, ringing it at just $147 on Kickstarter. "Currently standing desks are hundreds to thousands of dollars," McDonley writes. "My goal was to create a reasonably priced standing desk that was portable."

Standing desks and Ninjas, what do they have in common?

"Find out how Dan took what others might consider a weakness and turn it into a really cool new business."

What do Ninja’s and desks have in common? If you’re Dan McDonley…it’s the inspiration for an easy way to work and stay in shape.

You see, when he was younger he got into Martial Arts. Really into Martial Arts and this left him with a few injuries and a bad back. He found that sitting down made his pain worse and decided to give “standing desks” a try.

Wouldn’t you know…his pain went away and the inspiration for Ninja Standing Desk was born! Unlike traditional standing desks, his invention is both affordable and portable.

Maker Faire 2012: The Ninja Standing Desk - TreeHugger Design Coverage

"An adjustable standing desk you can hang from any wall or door... I. Want. This."

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We love standing desk designs around here in no small part because they are good for your health. While we've seen many designs from fully motorized adjustment to a stack of books, I have to say that this new design called the Ninja Standing Desk is a personal favorite.